Knifedoutofexistence - Mist Clouds The View - Cassette

Knifedoutofexistence - Mist Clouds The View - Cassette

OA090: Knifedoutofexistence - Mist Clouds The View

With initial recordings being made in early 2019 and finally completed at the start 2022, Mist Clouds The View is the latest full length from Knifedoutofexistence. The most diverse Knifed album yet, building on the feedback, scrap metal and synth sound of the project‘s early years, whilst bringing in more melody, guitar, field recordings and tape work than ever before. A lifetime of memories and emotions, washed up on the sands and stones of the south coast and run through magnetic tape. The sound of everyone you've ever known, and everything you've ever lost.

Like 2019’s Cracks Below The Surface, Mist... is again produced, mixed and mastered by longtime touring partner and collaborator Cremation Lily, with them also providing guest vocals on Illusion Of Time. Alongside the classic xerox’d coastal and heathland artwork that’s become the visual signature of Knifed, the artwork features illustration from Richard Carson (Unyielding Love, Canopic Ire Tattoo).

This is the standard cassette edition.

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