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A range of distributed titles from some great international noise labels. Everything is in very limited quantities, if something you want has sold out, get in touch as restocks on a few of these titles may be possible. Slightly higher prices on some of these reflect the import costs.

Sewer Election & Incipientium - Sorceress CD (Throne Heap)
Sorceress is the first collaboration between Swedish outsider experimentalists Sewer Election and Incipientium. Dan Johansson, a veteran of the Gothenburg underground, and relative newcomer Gustav Danielsbacka have meticulously woven a strange tapestry of unnerving sound. Using tape decks, broken records, reel-to-reel loops, electronic elements, metals, and ambient field recordings, they evoke everything from the sparse and fleeting to the more abrasive and heavy. Recorded in the autumn of 2021, mixed by Johansson and Danielsbacka, and mastered by Grant Richardson, Sorceress is 42 minutes of pure avant-garde electronics.

Mot - Remains CS (Throne Heap)
Recorded during the Autumn of 2023 amidst fluctuating extreme states of tension and tranquility, Canadian artist Paul van Trigt delivers 30 minutes of thoughtfully spliced cassette and reel loops, amplified objects, homemade oscillators, and lute. By using both sounds collected from a place that was once home but is no longer, as well as sounds from a place that is new and foreign, Remains is a work which deftly balances moments of shrieking anxiety and exhausted frustration with calmer, more contemplative passages.

Max Julian Eastman- The Glamorous Life CS (Throne Heap)
A perverse appropriation of idealized histories and events. A miasmic attempt at self-assurance. Max Julian Eastman (Tribe Tapes / Tantric Death) presents The Glamorous Life, a diverse collection of left field heavy weirdness, from in-your-face junk noise assaults to ethereal lite FM vapor loops. “An Event In 4.75 Time” was recorded live in the Garden State, originally broadcast on WFMU. All other tracks are from undesignated points of origin. “The irrepressible web of truth unfurls itself to the emotional tourist — “love is heaven-sent.” Play LOUD.

Sissy Spacek - Antitheater CD (Cipher Productions)
Sissy Spacek expands its Antipodean discography with ‘Antitheater’, recorded over two weeks in December 2021 and then put under the Wiese microscope and scalpel in 2023. Blown-out grindcore and frayed improvisations are crisped with distortion until their original forms distend and melt, chunks of noise-soaked saturations then cut into a series of short-form grotesqueries – each allocated its own CD track. Play it in sequence, or play it on random for a new listening experience each play.

Evil Moisture & Vanity Productions - Sex Sells CS (Cipher Productions)
In the early sweat of the 2020 pandemic, ‘Sex Sells’ quickly emerged and dissipated as an online release: a remnant of grimy physicality and grinding interaction which was thrust aside as the world retreated. ‘Sex Sells’ is driven by Andy Bolus’ mangled tape mutations, made all the more vivid by Christian Stadsgaard’s sharper electronics counterpoints. Disappointment, tease, degradation and release all find obscured voice in the exchange of ‘Sex Sells’, the first manifestation of these two’s late night explorations. The cassette is packaged an oversized card sleeve, each of which has been uniquely collage with torn magazine advertisements and then obscured by layers of paint, glaze and iron-aluminium granules.

Rusalka & Primitive Isolation Tactics - Split CS (Cipher Productions)
Split cassette from two of Canada's finest. Rusalka brings a studio recording of heavy saturation along with a stunning live track of slow-motion subtlety and long-form dynamic which opens into a heady pressurisation of high end magnetism. The flip side is five tracks of virile free-form noise from Taylor Geddes, ranging Primitive Isolation Tactic’s strengths from low-end grunt to charged variations and lulls of rippling respite. The cassette is packaged in densely collaged exterior artwork by Frédérick Maheux and inner photography by Kate, all housed in an oversized ziplock bag.

Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela - Squirrels On Fire CS (Cipher Productions)
"When our outdoor table broke last year and shattered glass everywhere, I thought of Lucas Abela: the flagbearer of Australia’s noise community, and properly recognised through this world and others for his work in playing and breaking glass while abusing its sonic capabilities through a variety of processes over his decades’ 12” + CD of sound exploration.
‘Squirrels On Fire’ is glass allowed to stress, moan and creak as Lucas’ modular synth setup takes its whimpers and amplifies them into exaggerated electronics gestures. The tape was intended to inject some funds into Lucas’ 2023 USA tour which unfortunately was cancelled/downsized. Nonetheless these tapes exist in an edition of 50 copies with two different cover prints. Mastered by Grant Richardson, packaged in drawstring bags with artwork from Lucas’ son and shards of the glass table which instigated this release to begin with." - Cipher Productions

Svartvit - Verzameld Werk CD (Self Released)
The first ever CD release from Svartvit. Featuring material previous heard on a lathe cut and a Tesco comp, alongside previously unreleased material. All remastered by Foul Prey.

Jonathan Canady - Empty Box CS (Cipher Productions)
‘Empty Box’ is over an hour of psychologically intense heavy electronics from Jonathan Canady (Deathpile), individually dubbed on chrome cassettes, and limited to 57 copies. Each tape is housed in a 5″ box that also contains liner notes, and one of Jonathan’s original drawings from the “Empty Faces” series that is featured on this release. 57 drawings were individually ripped up and put into envelopes for every copy. The artwork can be reassembled and framed if you like.

Black Leather Jesus - Top on Trial CD (Chondritic Sound)
"What would the world be without Black Leather Jesus? The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about Richard Ramirez and Black Leather Jesus is staggering. Richard conceiving the idea for Deadline. Richard creating the first Black Leather Jesus tape. The covers. The atmosphere. The vision. The overwhelming nature of the output. Without Black Leather Jesus, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go when I need this rush. When I need to pry open locked doors. When I require new perversions. When I demand sonic destruction. I don’t want to imagine a world without Black Leather Jesus. I don’t have to. I can insert “Top on Trial” again and again and again." — Mike Connelly. Editon of 200 in reverse-board digipak. Photos don't do it justice.

Sleeping with the Earth - Now, Tomorrow, The Last CD (Chondritic Sound/Troniks)
The first full-length CD from Sleeping with the Earth in his 25+ year history, "Now, Tomorrow, the Last" pushes a unique vision of death industrial through crude, broken and modified equipment. The pieces here are not routine or easily-repeatable, instead salvaged from the electricity and bottled to tape. Machined rhythms hammer away while the circuits overload and a displaced fragment of humanity howls against the pandemonium. Edition of 300 in handsome silver & black digipak.

Hasufel - Keys to the Kingdom CD (Chondritic Sound)
Hasufel's distinct amalgam of ritual ambient, martial industrial and dungeon synth influences are on exhibition with this assemblage of pieces; two cassettes issued by El Tule, a compilation track for DKA and two unreleased songs. Edition of 200 in digipak.

Mindscrubber - Automated Broadcasting Devices CD (Chondritic Sound)
Mindscrubber is Jeff Herriott and S. Craig Zahler. Their debut release Automated Broadcasting Devices is an obscured narrative of noise and old technology created using field recordings, analog synthesizers, contact microphones, and voices. Herriott and Zahler have worked together in the metal band Realmbuilder and composed the soundtracks for Zahler's movies Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99, and Dragged Across Concrete. This aptitude with the cinematic enables the duo to evoke the desolation of analog decay through a barren, charred landscape. The worn-out equipment and forgotten mechanisms that once fueled industry are resurrected in a haze of programmed communications, dissonant frequencies, and turbulent malfunctions. Editon of 300 in reverse-board digipak with art by Paul van Trigt.

Body Carve - Studies in Advanced Decomposition CD (Chondritic Sound)
The dense, organic junk noise of Body Carve is a sentinel at the intersection of flesh and steel, transmuting blood into rust through methods equal measure delicate and obtuse. An essential doctrine in modern American harsh noise.

Sissy Spacek - Cosm CD (Helicopter)
A new Sissy Spacek album in the realm of free-improv, but a great expansion of the perimeter. This power trio features Charlie Mumma on drums, Masahiko Ohno (Solmania) on guitar, and John Wiese on organ. Unlike anything that's come before.

Liebestod - The Long Con 3" CD-R (Chondritic Sound)
Liebestod (Jesse Sanes, Hoax, Kommand) is back with "The Long Con," another EP of dread-inducing power electronic malaise. Walking through the arena of perpetual night, a makeshift blade clenched in your hand. As you start to plan your path forward, it's too late. You realize you're encircled. Refuge is just out of reach.

Flysch - Teeth Like Chrome Skulls 3" CD-R (Chondritic Sound)
Teeth like chrome skulls. Crude, rough-and-tumble noise from Flysch, searing tones shove past overloaded distortion, while faint memories are choked out of existence. The teeth keep gnashing, the knife keeps twisting. Feasting on epiphany, crawling out of the haze, searching for any semblance of familiarity after waking in fright. The push and pull of nothing.

JT Whitfield - Acceptance 3" CD-R (Chondritic Sound)
On Acceptance, JT Whitfield finds himself trapped in a hell of his own making. Shards of glass, twisted hunks of metal, a hundred frustrating false starts before everything reverts back to the way it was. Electronics sizzle and falter as they consume themselves. Sisyphean industrial techno from a most adept practitioner.

Liebestod – Beta Male 12" (Chondritic Sound)
Liebestod is Los Angeles-based artist Jesse Sanes (Hoax, Kommand). After a stunning S/T debut CS, his anticipated follow up release, the Beta Male 12”, exhumes a corroded alloy of industrial rhythms, grotesque field recordings and paranoid electronics to detail the conflicting sympathy and revulsion evoked by the grief-stricken lone gunman, the pitiful, terrifying lots suffered by lesser men.

Believer/Law - Matters of Life and Death 12" (Chondritic Sound)
Believer/Law are an aggressive, rhythmic electro-industrial outfit based in New York City. While their traditions clearly stem from DIY punk, the band’s harsh, driving dance sensibilities strike reminiscent of the likes of early Skinny Puppy or Front 242. Known for their high energy, cathartic performances and strict use of live instrumentation, Believer/Law convey a truly powerful sensation that is both pitch black and uplifting at the same time. Features members of Uniform, Cult Of Youth, Drunkdriver, and Missing Foundation.

Pedestrian Deposit - Austere CD (Monorail Trespassing)
Five years in the making, and the first duo recordings - a very, very calculated and controlled effort. Moving past the harsh noise cutups but not eschewing them entirely; rather, moving forward to areas of sound collage, music-concrete, field recording and electroacoustic. To be heard as one long piece. The progression continues.

Pedestrian Deposit - East Fork / North Fork CD (Monorail Trespassing)
Deluxe instant reissue of the much-too-limited edition Housecraft tape, including two new and previously unreleased tracks; 32 minutes of new music. Reflective of our live sets of the proceeding year and a half. Residing in the netherworld between various genres, as usual.

Pedestrian Deposit - Kithless LP (Arbor)
The pieces on Kithless are documents of the Pedestrian Deposit practice; Drift Gently Down the Frigid Tides of Sleep was recorded live at 'Activating the Medium XIII:ICE' in San Francisco on April 17, 2010. The performance extends the use of hybrid and musique concrete forms by engaging with the physical limits of the body through voluntary hypothermia, transforming the performers state and relationship to compositional tools. Under a Veil of Living Light, a staple from the 2009 East Coast tour, is a drifting of the hybrid forms expressed above, weaving in and out of each other; traces of texture, combined and re-combined.  

Vasculae - New Orthodoxy CS (Monorail Trespassing)
First completed after a year long battle with various creative blocks, this release introduces a dark ambient element to the ongoing focus of placing harsh noise in different contextual environments. Voice recordings are filtered beyond recognition in the hope that their original intent transfers to the listener, while the overall compositional approach harkens back to the early years of PD's extreme dynamic contrast.

Vasculae - Cultural Primitivism CD (Monorail Trespassing)
Vasculae’s debut. After several years of operating in more subtle areas of experimental music, Vasculae was a return to form; sharp noise composition with emphasis on layering, texture, purity, and 'natural dynamics,' as opposed to the rapid-fire cut-ups of the past. Elements of wall noise, crackle, and 90's style raw blast are fused in these three tracks pulled from two years of intermittent 5-7 hour recording sessions. No melodic ambient interludes, no tape loops, no instruments -- only the sources of pure noise textures.

Joseph Hammer/Joe Potts/John Wiese - The Elusive Flexure 2xCD (Helicopter)
Helicopter is proud to present the first trio album of Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Dinosaurs With Horns, LAFMS), Joe Potts (Airway, Extended Organ, LAFMS), and John Wiese (Sissy Spacek, Strain of Laws). “Listening to this album, I feel that I am having multiple dreams at once. The dreams are fragmented and mixed, flowing through time. Dreams are recalled after we wake up, and we are not exactly aware of them while we sleep. However, when listening to music in this album, it is strange to think that the dreams we are having are like this in fact. This may be music that shows us the other side of consciousness.” (Excerpt from the liner notes by Takuya Sakaguchi)

T. Mikawa/John Wiese/Seiichi Yamamoto - Live at Akihabara Club Goodman CD (Helicopter)
Collaborative performance, recorded live at Akihabara Club Goodman, Tokyo, Japan, on the 24th of September 2018.

GX Jupitter-Larsen - Digging Through Time Book (Helicopter)
This greatly expanded performance journal has more dates, more locations, more names, and more back stories than any other attempt at cataloging the immeasurability of the history of GX & The Haters on stage. There’s four decades of noise, from using a camera as a hammer, to amplified sandpaper, to loud luggage. Scores of shows in a slew of cities, across a circus of countries on four continents. This document demonstrates just how intertwined noise, entropy, and time can truly be. 6×9-inches, 114 pages, Softcover

Kjostad - Warlord CS (New Forces)
Cassette edition of the 2021 Kjostad full-length "Warlord." This is the evolution of Kjostad's approach in every aspect, an attempt to distill 7 years of development into the project's finest work yet. The place-based field recordings are more intimate. The environmental explorations are more harrowing. Hissing tape loops collide with pulsing electronics. The noise clatters, clangs, and grinds across six tracks that investigate a violent past while anticipating an even darker future. Warlord is a soundtrack to world's end, and to world's beginning.

Shanked - Melee CD (New Forces)
Shanked is Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and Roman Levya (Plague Mother, Slit Throats). "Melee" is an unrelenting outburst of Midwest harsh noise, the distillation of the frustrations, ugliness, and anger forged in the post-industrial wreckage of Cleveland, Ohio. Six tracks of nonstop high-energy combustion. Monolithic heaviness abounds, but "Melee" has plenty of dynamism to keep the energy rush in a constant state of escalation. The union of two heavyweights of contemporary harsh noise. Mastered by Grant Richardson.

Evil Moisture - Gak CD (New Forces)
New Forces is proud to release this CD edition of Evil Moisture's landmark 1997 LP "Gak." Remastered from the original source tape by Grant Richardson, Gak exceeds categorization, description, and even quantification. Andy Bolus shows why he is the undisputed master of tape-noise insanity. Chopped, cut, and sewn back together with a blend of genius and madness. This is nothing less than an inspiring piece of experimental sound that belongs in everyone's collection.

C.C.C.C. - Recorded Live At Broken Life Festival, Taipei, Taiwan September 9th 1995 CD (Total Black)
Originally released on CD-R by Tochnit Aleph in 2005, this CD reissue captures the full performance of Japanese noise legends C.C.C.C. at Broken Life Festival in 1995, with updated layout including photographs taken of the performance.

Sean Addicott - Tapesleep CS or CD (Self Released)
"‘Tapesleep’ is a sound collage formed of acoustic instruments and ambient background sound, recorded to tape cassettes, which have been toxified with deodorant, smoke, and another inhalants. It would have been too easy to take the results of this process and create an inharmonic noise composition. Much more interesting, challenging and inspiring was it to create a harmonic meditation on that which I struggle most with; sleep."

Natural Pleasures - I Know What's Real CDr (KSX Solutions)
New project from Carrie Ford (Beautywork, 500 Club). 4 songs of minimal piano and vocals, slowly pieced together over the past few years.

Sore Dream - Phosphorescence CS (Damien Records)

Psywarfare & 2K - Collab CS (Damien Records)

Anthony Amelang - Nocturne CD (Damien Records)

Scant - Estrangement CS (Monorail Trespassing)
Originally released Sep 2019. "Second tape for East Coast linchpin M. Boettke after 2015's 'Wake of Dissolution.' Two untitled tracks of smoldering and combustible iron roar; the A-side being an impeccable decoding of the center of an incinerator rising to full steam, while Side B proceeds into the crackling of heat embers burning out, eventually giving way to an undercurrent pulse of sub bass oscillation."

Thundering - Breathe Heavy CS (Tribe Tapes)
FFO: Hands To, The Rita. The debut tape from the US-based Breathe Heavy project collages found sound and claustrophobic noise for an experience both suffocating and electrifying.

Tantric Death - The Skin Factory CS (Serrated Tapes)
Tapes, junk, synth, e-violin and vocals from one of the strongest new projects. An edition of fifty hand-inked clear C20 cassettes packaged in 7" style resealable bags with professionally printed fold over inserts

Harry Huntington - A Mass Of Light zine (Self Published)
“A Mass of Light” is the second instalment from Harry Huntington. This is a continuation of previous work where Harry expresses thought & feeling throughout the last 18 months. Whether it be a poem about the pandemic & the every day anxieties, a horrible tooth extraction, or the reflections of life so far, there is a theme of searching throughout every poem, providing us with comfort that we should always ask the question why it makes us feel the way we do in these moments.

History Of Leather - Courte Oreilles to 33rd CS (Monorail Trespassing)
Brute rust belt concréte compositions of full spectrum, delicate yet hard-edged crumbling narratives from Chicago's south side.

A Fail Association - This Will Hurt You More Than It Will Hurt Me CS (Monorail Trespassing)
Round two for the Sheriff of Dada Drumming and mayor of Funkytown, TX, with two brickwall tracks recorded in 2018. The second AFA release for MT coming 16 years after the first. A solid hour of choice damnation, unrelenting.

Vice Wears Black Hose - How To Shave Your Legs With A Straight Razor - For Women CD (Foul Prey)
Straddling an obsession with Italian Giallo cinema and the fetishistic allure of lessons in shaving, Richard Ramirez and Sam McKinlay’s latest despatch as Vice Wears Black Hose is a spluttering, asphyxiated affair that seems to be squeezing itself through remnants of frayed cabling. A split-stereo mix crushes the noise into the corners, with both participants harnessing a thick low-end that congeals inside the ear canals

Industrial Hazard - Harsh Lashings CD (Foul Prey)
Industrial Hazard is the project of Spencer Hazard (Full Of Hell). Powered by a homemade instrument setup, fed through an array of pedal FX, Harsh Lashings is a delay-fractured spew of squeals, pulses and churning recurrences. This release showcases both the versatility of Hazard’s devices and his proclivity toward a spasmodic, ferally agitated mode of movement. References to the 80s/90s Japanese scene abound, although the custom equipment at the root of Industrial Hazard cuts each piece with a particularly jagged outline.

Convulsive Action - Pulverising Image CS (Strange Rules)
Debut solo tape from Jack Kennedy of Soft Issues and Natural Causes.

Ciro Vitiello - Alexa Stay With Me CS (Strange Rules)
Swirling melodic electronic voices. Trance-induced minimal motifs that have been elevated to the point of near-bliss.

Kagami Smile - And Backwards CS (Strange Rules)
Ultra-textural ambient ascension, truly experiential & all-encompassing. Mastered beautifully by Stephen Bishop & dubbed loud for pure saturated ecstasy.

Masoller - Lesion Quarry CS (Strange Rules)
Dark industrial gloom & pulsing powerful ambience. A Strange Rules debut as strong as we’ve ever heard.

Skjálfti - XIII CS (Óreiða)
Skjálfti continues its exploration of the everyday and mundane. Instead of the junk metal and harsh industrial sounds you are more likely to find in noise these are the sounds of everyday boredom. This is a reflection of how even the most mind numbing boring moments of our day can be filled with anxiety and existential dread.

Eymd - No Reason CS (Óreiða)
Eymd express their nihilism and exasperation with humanity through a dense wall of harsh industrial noise. The sounds of synthesizers tweaked and mangled until they reach critical mass of blown out noise just the way we like it. Like standing on the edge of the void trying to decide if you should jump in or not.

FXUNX - Regnskógarnir brenna 3" CD-R (Óreiða)
FXUNX (Fauna) bring you, on their first release, new-age music for the new age. This is the sound of the real rainforests. Of fire and carnage. Hear the rainforests burn, smell the smoke. This is the new age. Nothing goes uneaten by the leeches of capitalism.

JSH - Antipathy CS (AAD)
Heavy, powerful, pissed off Harsh Noise from Sweden. JSH is also known as the Ominous Recordings label boss. He has done many releases for many great labels as well as having had a successful U.S. tour with The Rita, Black Leather Jesus & Vomir.

Ploughshare/Velvet Curtain - Split CS (No Coast No Hope)
A split of upcoming stalwarts of midwest noise. The A side features an impressive track from Chicago/Minneapolis artist VELVET CURTAIN. Ever changing and enveloping harsh noise textures barrage the listener like a bad dream manipulated from afar. The B side features delicate and disgusting murky junk noise from Cincinnati artist PLOUGHSHARE.

Wet Mirror - Wet Mirror CD (Self-Released)
Collaborative effort from Blackcloudsummoner and Territorial Gobbing. Five tracks of water sounds, manipulated field recordings and various instruments combined into a “dour, dark atmospheric thing”.

KPG & Lance Cashman - Yes Death Is Afraid Of Us Split CS (Music Ends Here)
An All-Jersey slugfest of a split, featuring KPG & Lance Cashman. Eerie creaks, synthesized wails, grinding metal, and haunting field recordings.

SBTDOH - "Incongruity: Realm Of Danger" CS (Cruel Symphonies) Pummeling nonstop grinding bass heavy dirge from SBTOH, inspired heavily by the horror brought forth by the lack of justice in the world today and the continued fight for civil rights.

A Fail Association - East V. CS (Absurd Exposition)
Engines sputter and spit, hot electric wires are dragged across oil-soaked asphalt, the five-band radio emits blistering pulses of static and the road home is the same as it's always been. Unsolicited photos unlock clandestine meetings in the dark hours - one more notch in the belt of the day to day. "East V." is a C10 of pure American cut-up harsh noise from the mind behind the formidable Dada Drumming label imprint.

  • Sewer Election & Incipientium - Sorceress CD
    1 available 100%
  • Mot - Remains CS
    3 available 75%
  • Max Julian Eastman- The Glamorous Life CS
    1 available 100%
  • Sissy Spacek - Antitheater CD
    4 available 67%
  • Evil Moisture & Vanity Productions - Sex Sells CS
    Sold out
  • Rusalka & Primitive Isolation Tactics - Split CS
    Sold out
  • Svartvit - Verzameld Werk CD
    Sold out
  • Lucas ‘Granpa’ Abela - Squirrels On Fire CS
    2 available 100%
  • Black Leather Jesus - Top on Trial CD
    Sold out
  • Sleeping with the Earth - Now, Tomorrow, The Last CD
    2 available 67%
  • Hasufel - Keys to the Kingdom CD
    3 available 100%
  • Mindscrubber - Automated Broadcasting Devices CD
    2 available 67%
  • Body Carve - Studies in Advanced Decomposition CD
    Sold out
  • Sissy Spacek - Cosm CD
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  • Flysch - Teeth Like Chrome Skulls 3" CD-R
    2 available 100%
  • JT Whitfield - Acceptance 3" CD-R
    3 available 100%
  • Liebestod – Beta Male 12"
    3 available 100%
  • Believer/Law - Matters of Life and Death 12"
    1 available 50%
  • Pedestrian Deposit - Austere CD
    1 available 100%
  • Pedestrian Deposit - East Fork / North Fork CD
    1 available 100%
  • Pedestrian Deposit - Kithless LP
    1 available 50%
  • Vasculae - New Orthodoxy CS
    Sold out
  • Vasculae - Cultural Primitivism CD
    1 available 100%
  • A Fail Association - East V. CS
    1 available 100%
  • Joseph Hammer/Joe Potts/John Wiese - The Elusive Flexure 2xCD
    1 available 50%
  • GX Jupitter-Larsen - Digging Through Time Book
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  • Kjostad - Warlord CS
    2 available 100%
  • Shanked - Melee CD
    2 available 100%
  • Evil Moisture - Gak CD
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  • Sean Addicott - Tapesleep CS
    3 available 100%
  • Sean Addicott - Tapesleep CD
    3 available 100%
  • Natural Pleasures - I Know What's Real CDr
    2 available 67%
  • Sore Dream - Phosphorescence CS
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  • Psywarfare & 2K - Collab CS
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  • Anthony Amelang - Nocturne CD
    1 available 100%
  • Scant - Estrangement CS
    2 available 100%
  • Thundering - Breathe Heavy CS
    1 available 100%
  • Tantric Death - The Skin Factory CS
    2 available 100%
  • Harry Huntington - A Mass Of Light zine
    9 available 100%
  • History Of Leather - Courte Oreilles to 33rd CS
    1 available 100%
  • A Fail Association - This Will Hurt You More Than It Will Hurt Me CS
    1 available 100%
  • Vice Wears Black Hose - How To Shave Your Legs With A Straight Razor - For Women CD
    8 available 89%
  • Industrial Hazard - Harsh Lashings CD
    3 available 100%
  • Masoller - Lesion Quarry CS
    4 available 100%
  • SBTDOH - "Incongruity: Realm Of Danger" CS
    1 available 100%
  • Convulsive Action - Pulverising Image CS
    3 available 75%
  • Ciro Vitiello - Alexa Stay With Me CS
    4 available 100%
  • Kagami Smile - And Backwards CS
    4 available 100%
  • Skjálfti - XIII CS
    2 available 100%
  • Eymd - No Reason CS
    1 available 100%
  • FXUNX - Regnskógarnir brenna 3" CD-R
    1 available 100%
  • JSH - Antipathy CS
    1 available 100%
  • Ploughshare/Velvet Curtain - Split CS
    1 available 100%
  • KPG & Lance Cashman - Yes Death Is Afraid Of Us Split CS
    1 available 100%
  • Wet Mirror - Wet Mirror CD
    3 available 100%
  • Jonathan Canady - Empty Box CS
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