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A range of distributed titles from some great international noise labels. Everything is in very limited quantities, if something you want has sold out, get in touch as restocks on a few of these titles may be possible. Slightly higher prices on some of these reflect the import costs.

Paranoid Time - RAT Life CD (White Centipede Noise/Troniks)
A relentless scorched earth blast of speaker-shredding intensity from the machete-wielding Michigan madman. It’s an incendiary, full-volume bombshell of sonic burn and barbaric rust that combines material from the sought-after 1-sided Rat Life LP on Troniks (2008) with the devastating follow-up cassette on White Centipede Noise (2016), plus new material rearranged, remixed, and totally destroyed, to create the ultimate first full-length CD release from the long-running cult project.

Sewer Election + Treriksröset - Killing For Germany / Rågsved CD (White Centipede Noise)
The collaborative recordings of Sewer Election and Treriksröset throughout the mid-2000s are some of the most singular works of harsh noise orthodoxy ever created, holding a heavy position in the canon of noise music. The highly refined and counter-intuitive approach to layering, texture and dynamics contrasts miraculously with primitivism and minimalism, manifesting in several 30 minute slabs of exquisite crust recorded live to tape.

Altar Of Flies - Work Ethics CD (White Centipede Noise)
A new album recorded in summer of 2020, marking a fresh phase of creativity and passion from this virtuosic artist. An eclectic assortment of bumping, scratching, fluttering sounds blend seamlessly together with his signature heavy tape manipulations. The melancholic and emotionally charged elements found on many Altar Of Flies releases are less present here, creating a more ambiguous dry atmosphere, as if sitting wide awake in the eye of the storm that was the summer of 2020.

Blessed Sacrifist - Loss of Innocence CD (No Coast No Hope/FTAM Productions)
Thirteen years of tears, screams, and reflections culminate with the Loss of Innocence, the long anticipated, ultimate release of depressive electronics project Blessed Sacrifist. Written, recorded, and mixed between the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2018.

Ploughshare/Velvet Curtain - Split CS (No Coast No Hope)
A split of upcoming stalwarts of midwest noise. The A side features an impressive track from Chicago/Minneapolis artist VELVET CURTAIN. Ever changing and enveloping harsh noise textures barrage the listener like a bad dream manipulated from afar. The B side features delicate and disgusting murky junk noise from Cincinnati artist PLOUGHSHARE.

Plague Mother - "Carrying Your Halo" CD (New Forces)
For more than a decade Plague Mother has occupied a highly influential position in the noise underground. The artist boasts a unique sound that blends haunting ambiance with crushing walls of noise, overlaid with an emotional intensity most artists would never even attempt. With an exacting compositional approach honed on cassette releases for some of the finest noise labels in operation, New Forces is proud to present the first full-length CD for Plague Mother. "Carrying Your Halo" is the projects definitive statement, 9 tracks of anguish and catharsis that shred the listener to the bone before rebuilding them stronger than before.

Cryocene - "Exclave" CD (New Forces)
"Exclave" is the debut of NYC-based duo Cryocene, comprised of Stefan Aune (Kjostad) and Matt Boettke (Scant). Over the course of 5 tracks Cryocene weave together an ominous landscape of industrial dread. Bass drones and frigid synths are layered with waves of crumbling, crashing, shattering textures. Sometimes meditative, sometimes crushing, "Exclave" tunnels deep into the depths before ascending into the cold, clear atmosphere.

Jeph Jerman - "Keep the Drum (Concussion Solos)" CD (New Forces)New Forces reissue of Jeph Jerman's "Keep the Drum," originally released on cassette by Apraxia in 1990. Since the 1980's Jeph Jerman has been a key figure in experimental music, from the textural noise of his legendary Hands To project, to more recent studies in field recording and acoustic sound recorded under his own name. On "Keep the Drum" Jerman explores what he calls "concussion music," working with a pile of hubcaps, sheet metal and "other bits of junk" to rethink the traditional drum kit

Wet Mirror - Wet Mirror CD (Self-Released)
Collaborative effort from Blackcloudsummoner and Territorial Gobbing. Five tracks of water sounds, manipulated field recordings and various instruments combined into a “dour, dark atmospheric thing”.

Werewolf Jerusalem - The Nightmare Continues CS (Music Ends Here)
Richard Ramirez's long-standing noise monolith comes together with a new 30 minutes of nightmarish wall-noise. This tape starts off with an unsettling ambience, before rearing its ugly head into the world of true crime and an entire family killed in cold blood.

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - Harsh Noise Nōkabe CS (Music Ends Here)
Jay Randall brings Japanese Torture Comedy Hour into the new decade with pummeling and unforgiving ferocity. "Harsh Noise Nōkabe" finds the project in its "fourth season" of activity as a pulsating wall of synth noise, pushing it into the territory of an endurance exercise in sound.

KPG & Lance Cashman - Yes Death Is Afraid Of Us Split CS (Music Ends Here)
An All-Jersey slugfest of a split, featuring KPG & Lance Cashman. Eerie creaks, synthesized wails, grinding metal, and haunting field recordings.

Hook.108/NaOCl - Split CDr (Music Ends Here)
Hook.108 is the noise duo of K. Geiger (KPG) & Patrick McCarthy (File.108). The pair have been making noise since 2017. Their sound has been described as a "sinking submarine," often blurring the lines between crashing harsh noise and suffocating ambient passages. NaOCl (pronounced "Bleach") is the name used by Kevin Henson (Kissies) and Jonathan Mottola (Ring of Sacrifice) when performing ear-piercing harsh noise. Presented with spray painted cardboard with pasted xerox artwork. Very noise packaging

Andrea Pensado - "…on the occasion of this noble feature called human disorder" CD (Cruel Symphonies)Andrea tactfully delivers some of her most challenging vocalizations to date rightfully earning her a place among legendary female vocalists of new music such as Bethany Beardslee, Yoko Ono, and Pauline Oliveros, whilst harsh electronics tremor and shudder underneath.

Inevitable - "Lap Dog in a K Hole" CS (Cruel Symphonies)
Masterfully composed psychedelic synth heavy trip of an album from Branden Diven of AAD Records.

Tantric Death - "Asphyxiate" CD (Cruel Symphonies)
Through a sense of weariness Max Eastman (Tribe Tapes) delivers some of his most impassioned vocal work to date over churning glitchy synths and walls of tortured sound.

Flesh Shuddering/Human Kindness - Split CS (Cruel Symphonies)
Flesh Shuddering delivers a heavily cut up feedback worship interlaced with junk metal abuse, hard panning, and heavy reverb. Human Kindness delivers a dynamic crackling, abrasive, gradually shifting wall.

Crash At Every Speed - Highway Death CS (Cruel Symphonies)Crash At Every Speed is Richard Ramirez. A project inspired by Richard's obsession with car accidents and understandable fear of driving.

Xome - "Itch" CD (Cruel Symphonies)CD reissue of a 2002 release. "Itch" is a magnificent, frantic, and shifting piece of noise that unfolds over 2 long jam and 13 rapid fire jolts of noise.

JSH - "Antagonists" CS (Cruel Symphonies)Total mic abuse by Sweden's J.S.H. (Ominous Recordings).

SBTDOH - "Incongruity: Realm Of Danger" CS (Cruel Symphonies) Pummeling nonstop grinding bass heavy dirge from SBTOH, inspired heavily by the horror brought forth by the lack of justice in the world today and the continued fight for civil rights.

Pedestrian Deposit - Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS (Monorail Trespassing)
The early, solo-project era of PD had two concurrent but intentionally separate behaviors; the all encompassing genre-hybrid for which is most commonly known, and another infrequent mode as a traditional, old-school harsh noise project dealing in micro-edition releases of less accessible material. This is perhaps the most definitive release of that personality, originally released in 2003 in a limited edition of 30 copies. Consisting of five sides of blisteringly pure electronics recorded live in the studio and direct to tape with no editing -- with the final side reserved for a long sound-collage piece -- this cassette trilogy effectively links the two modes but also re-contextualizes the familiar elements of the project and presents them in isolated form, making for some of the most obscure and uncompromising PD material. Packaged in a triple cassette case with new artwork, with all tracks remastered in 2020. (These tracks are not featured on the Nostalgia CD collection)

Seepage - Throes CS (New Forces)
NYC-based duo of Ginny Benson & Kiran Arora, aka Seepage, follow up their incredible debut from last year with "Throes," blending the grinding crunch of American harsh noise with the extreme electronics of the Japanoise legends. Dynamic, razor-sharp, and concussive, "Throes" showcases a masterful command of noise techniques that will leave you begging for more. Sonic adrenaline rush.

Savage Gospel/Vanhala - Split CS (New Forces)
Massive Finnish noise split. US edition of an instantly sold out self-released edition from earlier this year. Savage Gospel pound away with an unrelenting harsh noise assault the focuses on physicality and feedback. Jaakko Vanhala attacks with more precision but the same aggression, showcasing his trademark scrap metal dynamism. An intimidating showcase of extreme sound.

Lila Engel - Materialization CS (New Forces)
Grinding urban destruction from this NYC-based duo of Chelsea O'Connor and Chris Hansell (Ligature/Warthog). Blasting noise action with flourishes of electronic ambience that weave together into a narrative whole. An exceptional follow-up to their debut split tape with Sewer Election.

Breaking The Will - Mortal Terrain Incendiary CD (New Forces)
Human terrain systems. Operational art. Combat maneuver. Unrelenting harsh electronics exploding at a breakneck pace. The first Breaking The Will full-length since 2015's "Choosing Death" is faster, rougher, and far deadlier. Tactical innovations driven by a world on the brink. Super-heated auditory munitions across six new tracks.

Koufar - The Death Of Myself CD (New Forces)
A sonic requiem delivered at maximum volume. The innovative blend of classical samples and abrasive vocal exhortations carved out a unique position in contemporary power-electronics. Content focused on the politics and history of Lebanon eschewed genre tropes for something greater, injected with the artists personal experience. Reissue to mark New Forces 10th anniversary, fully remastered by Grant Richardson with new art and two additional bonus tracks: one unique to this CD, the other previously included on the "The League of the Divine Wind" compilation.

Various Artists - New Forces CD (New Forces)
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of New Forces we assembled a compilation CD featuring all-new tracks from 12 New Forces affiliated acts. A snapshot of the sorts of artists this label is dedicated to featuring. More than 60 minutes of tension, intensity, and reflection. Some of the best in contemporary harsh noise, heavy electronics, and industrial music. Includes Mass Marriage, Breaking the Will, Skin Graft, Gnawed, Rusalka, The Rita, Wolf Creek, Worth, Knurl, Kjostad, Treriksroset, and Shredded Nerve. The future is bright.

Kjostad - Glacial Lake CD (New Forces)
After releases on New Forces, Found Remains and Prime Ruin, Kjostad gives us Glacial Lake, the project’s best work to date. Ranging from contemplative to pummeling, these place-based recordings were composed with sounds captured in the woods of northern Minnesota along the shores of Kjostad lake. Primal atmospheres create a pedestal for blazoned electronics to be manipulated with colossal menace. This is real noise; containing the beauty of nature almost accidentally, while wearing terror on its sleeve. Micro-density, macro-density, moments thicken the plot while the whole moves stoically and circuitously. CD reissues of the No Rent Records tape

Black Leather Jesus - A.N.T.I. CD (Ominous Recordings)
Originally released on Deadline Recordings 1993 as a C60 tape limited to 20 copies. Remastered by Grant Richardson with liner notes by Sam McKinlay.

The Rita - Macha vs. Knife CD (Ominous Recordings/Phage Tapes)
Track 1 originally released as a split with Goat on Deadline Recordings 2007. Track 2 originally releassed as a split with Maim on Snip Snip Records 2005. Remastered by Grant Richardson 2020.

500club - Pluto Return CS (KSX Solutions)
Debut tape of this collaborative project between Beautywork and Apologist (No Rent Records)

Beautywork - Ideal X CS (KSX Solutions)
New tape from Beautywork. C26 of swirling atmospheres and textures.

Strangled Cop - Merciless CS (Self Released)
A-side is the "Merciless" full length. B-side contains the "Above The Law" demo, tracks from the "X Means Not Welcome Vol 1" compilation 2xCS, and a Vegan Reich cover that appeared on the Summer Scum 2013 compilation cassette. Each tape is custom painted with "blood splatter" on a blue (lives don't matter) cassette. Professionally duplicated. Comes with lyrics sheet. Unapologetically anti-cop, pro-violence vegan straight edge power electronics.

Slit Throats - Joshi Noise Worship: Women's Most Violent 2xCD (Phage Tapes)
With "Joshi Noise Worship: Women's Most Violent," Slit Throats reminds us that noise is obsession, a genre that rejects casual engagement. This is a monolithic document of physicality and frequency, the merging of sound, concept, and action. Step into the ring.

Slit Throats - ... Starts A Scene War CS (Self Released)
Originally released as a digital EP, "... Starts A Scene War" preceded the infamous "Shame Cup" episode of Harsh Truths Podcast which resulted in numerous issues with thin-skinned dorks to this day.

Axoim - Axiom CS (Absurd Exposition)
The debut tape from AXIOM - a new Montreal duo taking sound and compositional cues from early 1980s noise. The release is structured as one side-long composition that gives itself room enough only to explore the dungeon it occupies. Swirling electronics begin to appear as the tape progresses, but there is never a hint of anything psychedelic. The sounds of samples and other components weave in and out as if coming and going with the tide. Vocals are used as another sound source, rather than for delivery of any sort of lyric, and there is a haunting presence lurking throughout that is reminiscent of Prurient (or perhaps the '80s progenitors that lent their influence). It's dark in this dungeon. Take as needed.

Phocomelus - No Humans Involved CS (Absurd Exposition)
A harsh noise construct of piercing form from PHOCOMELUS - the harshest moniker of Patrick O'Neil (Skin Crime, Self Abuse Records). This is no-frills punishment. A complete lack of basic human decency or civility.

A Fail Association - East V. CS (Absurd Exposition)
Engines sputter and spit, hot electric wires are dragged across oil-soaked asphalt, the five-band radio emits blistering pulses of static and the road home is the same as it's always been. Unsolicited photos unlock clandestine meetings in the dark hours - one more notch in the belt of the day to day. "East V." is a C10 of pure American cut-up harsh noise from the mind behind the formidable Dada Drumming label imprint.

Jackson-Pratt - Skullcutter Herringbone CS (Monorail Trespassing)
Right through the center like an icepick headache. Direct, imposing and saturated, with abrupt shifts, quick edits and instantly piercing shards of feedback. Second MT tape for Seany and certainly not the last. Includes an epic tribute/cover/re-interpretation of The Replacements on the B-side.

Itching & Blackcloudsummoner - Collaboration CD-R (Self Released)
Two collaborative tracks from two of the nicest humans in Nottingham, or indeed anywhere else. Mastered by Foul Prey.

Itching - Glossolalia 3” CD-R (Self Released)
Two tracks of manipulated cat sounds, mastered by Foul Prey

Without Belonging - Convocation CD (Phage Tapes)
Without Belonging was a collaboration project between Jon Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Vasculae) and Jeff Witscher (Impregnable, Secret Abuse). They released three tapes and appeared on one comp between 2005-2007.
Convocation compiles all their recorded material making it available on physical format once again.

Phage Tapes:
Spit Mask - Swallow CD
Shallow Waters - The Sleepwalkers CD
Straight Panic & Licking Wounds / Witches of Malibu - Split CS
Dreamweapon - New Subconscious Immolation CD
Engines Of Modern Dysfunction Vol 1 7" - Comp with John Wiese, Facialmess and more

Baked Arcana zine Issue 2 - Andy Depressants
Illustration zine documenting the 2019 Luxury Mollusc, Nacht Und Nebel and Blackcloudsummoner tour

Trust Collective:
Human Tide - Corrupt Human Server: Studies In Manmade Technological Failures CS

Absurd Exposition:
Jute - Simstim CS
B.P. - Zhiishiibi​-​Zhiibiing CS
Griefer - Communication Denial ‎CS

Unsustainable Social Condition - Seductive Distress CD (Troniks)
An abrasive deluge of molten asphalt and oppressive electronics, Seductive Distress arrives as Matt Purse’s superlative full-length follow-up to his 2016 shredder Dispersant (Oxen). Unsustainable Social Condition aims into the void for a boundless expanse of sonic dread across a salvo of tracks that devolve with less movement as they advance. Packaged in a limited edition digipak featuring original artwork by FrozenPanty.

Itching/Luxury Mollusc - Split CS (Self Released)
Split from two of the finest people in noise and DIY. On sea green cassettes with silver on-body printing, dark smokey cases.

Itching - Self Titled CS (Self Released)
Debut cassette from new project from Henry of Nacht Und Nebel, Moloch etc. Mastered by Foul Prey

Richard Ramirez & Skin Crime - Pleasure, Commerce & Disease CD (Troniks):
A thick & raw wall of unpleasant feelings for your final dead days. Mail collaboration between two noise legends. For over 10 years Ramirez has explored noise fetish through his projects, solo works, Black Leather Jesus + many other Texas audio traumas, plus his legendary/productive label Deadline Recordings. Over the past decade Skin Crime has released a variety of experimental sounds across an assortment of different formats/labels as well as run the highly influential Self Abuse Records.

A Mess Of Tentacles ‎– A Mess Of Tentacles CS (Kitty Play Records):
Collaborative project from Kenny Sanderson (Like Weeds, Facialmess) and Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer).

Straight Panic x Gospel - ​Splinter Belly​ CS (Peyote Tapes):
Collaborative tape, limited to 25 copies.

Straight Panic / Carrion Eater - Split CS (Mutal Aid Records):
Split cassette, three tracks from each artist.

Straight Panic / Residual Term - Split CS (Trashfuck Records):
Split tape. SP side is a live set from Tulsa Noise Fest.

  • Paranoid Time - RAT Life CD
    1 available 100%
  • Sewer Election + Treriksröset - Killing For Germany / Rågsved CD
    1 available 50%
  • Altar Of Flies - Work Ethics CD
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  • Blessed Sacrifist - Loss of Innocence CD
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  • Ploughshare/Velvet Curtain - Split CS
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  • Plague Mother - "Carrying Your Halo" CD
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  • Cryocene - "Exclave" CD (New Forces)
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  • Jeph Jerman - "Keep the Drum (Concussion Solos)" CD
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  • Wet Mirror - Wet Mirror CD
    5 available 100%
  • Werewolf Jerusalem - The Nightmare Continues CS
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  • Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - Harsh Noise Nōkabe CS
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  • KPG & Lance Cashman - Yes Death Is Afraid Of Us Split CS
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  • Hook.108/NaOCl - Split CDr
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  • Andrea Pensado - "…on the occasion of this noble feature called human disorder" CD
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  • Inevitable - "Lap Dog in a K Hole" CS
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  • Tantric Death - "Asphyxiate" CD
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  • Flesh Shuddering/Human Kindness - Split CS
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  • Crash At Every Speed - Highway Death CS
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  • Xome - "Itch" CD
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  • JSH - "Antagonists" CS
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  • SBTDOH - "Incongruity: Realm Of Danger" CS
    2 available 100%
  • Pedestrian Deposit - Debilitant • Erase • Stitching 3xCS
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  • Seepage - Throes CS
    1 available 50%
  • Savage Gospel/Vanhala - Split CS
    1 available 50%
  • Lila Engel - Materialization CS
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  • Breaking The Will - Mortal Terrain Incendiary CD
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  • Koufar - The Death Of Myself CD
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  • Various Artists - New Forces CD
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  • Kjostad - Glacial Lake CD
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  • Black Leather Jesus - A.N.T.I. CD
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  • The Rita - Macha vs. Knife CD
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  • 500club - Pluto Return CS
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  • Beautywork - Ideal X CS
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  • Strangled Cop - Merciless CS
    1 available 50%
  • Slit Throats - Joshi Noise Worship: Women's Most Violent 2xCD
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  • Slit Throats - ... Starts A Scene War CS
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  • Jackson-Pratt - Skullcutter Herringbone CS
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  • Axoim - Axiom CS
    1 available 100%
  • Phocomelus - No Humans Involved CS
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  • A Fail Association - East V. CS
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  • Itching & Blackcloudsummoner - Collaboration CD-R
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  • Itching - Glossolalia 3” CD-R
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  • Without Belonging - Convocation CD
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  • Spit Mask - Swallow CD
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  • Shallow Waters - The Sleepwalkers CD
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  • Richard Ramirez & Skin Crime - Pleasure, Commerce & Disease CD
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  • A Mess of Tentacles (Like Weeds/Blake Harrison Collab) CS
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  • Straight Panic & Licking Wounds / Witches of Malibu - Split CS
    3 available 100%
  • Straight Panic - The Satanic Verses CD
    3 available 100%
  • Straight Panic x Gospel - ​Splinter Belly CS​
    1 available 100%
  • Straight Panic / Carrion Eater - Split CS
    1 available 100%
  • Straight Panic / Residual Term - Split CS
    1 available 100%
  • Baked Arcana zine Issue 2
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  • Itching/Luxury Mollusc - Split CS
    3 available 100%
  • Itching - Self Titled CS
    1 available 50%
  • Dreamweapon - New Subconscious Immolation CD
    2 available 100%
  • Engines Of Modern Dysfunction Vol 1 7"
    1 available 50%
  • Unsustainable Social Condition - Seductive Distress CD
    1 available 100%
  • Jute - Simstim CS
    1 available 100%
  • Human Tide - Corrupt Human Server: Studies In Manmade Technological Failures CS
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